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Playing Tips: How to Fix a Relationship

Wondering how to fix a relationship? This toolkit provides clear, user-friendly directions, using the body, mind and spirit. See how this game engages each of these realms, whether using the card deck by yourself or with others.

There is no full-proof method on how to fix or improve a relationship.  However, any of the relationship help and repair tools and processes and provided in the Relationship Repair Game will be more effective than our unconscious, habitual reactions to our relationship problems...thus, more likely to lead towards understanding, compassion, trust and connection.

Use the Card Symbol Key on the back of the instruction booklet to interpret the icons (symbols) directions on the cards. 

The skill or tool portrayed on each card has at least one specific, applicable "action item" directing the reader on how to fix a relationship. That action step is prompted by an icon; something for the reader to directly say to the other person, a set of questions to internally consider and answer, a visualization, or an outward action (moving the body, writing, drawing, creating something, etc.)

Many of the cards provide options (bullet points): choose the words or action that are most authentic and relevant for you and that specific relationship problem.

The conflict resolution tools that require more in-depth instructions, examples, or support materials have additional descriptions and information in the 32 page instruction booklet.

Maximizing the Impact of Each Use

While explained in more detail in the game's instruction booklet, below are a few suggestions to maximize your sense of meaning, depth and productivity with each use of the card deck. 

Setting Intentions - Minimize distractions in your environment and focus on your deeper goals and intentions for yourself and the relationship you are working on.

Analyzing Power Dynamics - Consider how embedded power dynamics might be impacting the conflict or your approach to it.

Respectfully Inviting People - Be considerate of time, timing, and apprehension when inviting others to a challenging dialogue.

Closing and Next Steps - Appreciate yourself and other game participants for investing the time/effort into growing personal and relationship skills, and clarify specific next steps and timeline for any agreements made.

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