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Marriage Help Needed? DIY Counseling

Marriage help or advice needed? This card deck is the ideal DIY marriage counseling tool, with conflict resolution techniques and communication exercises couples can directly apply to their relationship conflicts.

Marriage help needed? The couples communication exercises and relationship skills in this card deck will guide you through the most challenging moments with your partner, while simultaneously developing your effectiveness with all relationships.

It is easy to communicate well and express love when there is affection, appreciation and overall goodwill flowing between you. Ironically, when the marriage needs help, the going gets rough, and you want to lash out, prove you are right, shut down or just run...when you are each hurt, angry, scared and vulnerable...these are the most crucial times to demonstrate your love and respect, which you do primarily through effective, compassionate communication within yourself and with your partner. 

In studying thousands of couples, renowned "Marriage Scientist" Dr. John Gottman has determined that a couple's ability to repair the relationship after a rupture is the most substantial indicator for relationship success or failure.  However, you cannot adequately learn these skills by reading about or seeing them done, only by directly doing them with your partner.  I designed the Relationship Repair Game for this purpose: each of the 78 cards can be directly applied amidst a conflict to create more self awareness, compassion, clarity and connection with your partner.

Noticing, pausing and purposefully mending after the disconnect of relationship arguments, hurts and misunderstandings is akin to patching a hole in your bicycle tire. You can keep pumping in new air of love, joy and affection, but it will quickly bleed  through the holes of unaddressed conflict, leaving you both deflated. As you practice using the cards in this deck to provide on-the-spot marriage help and resolve relationship struggles, you will gradually integrate the relationship repair tools . . . building mutual trust that melts the fight-or-flight responses and opens the heart and mind to love.

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