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Relationship Help: Repair Relationship Problems with Tools the work!

Relationship help has arrived! Use this beautifully illustrated toolkit to repair relationship problems and resolve conflicts, while learning effective communication and relationship skills. A hand-held relationship coach for use with partners, family, friends and co-workers.

Relationship help has arrived! Fix your relationship problems and skillfully navigate conflict with the Relationship Repair Game.

Whatever the sources of conflict, this game is an extensive toolkit to repair relationship issues. It will guide you through your current relationship problem while building valuable skills to manage conflict and improve the quality of all your relationships. Each time you "play" you will learn, practice and integrate new relationship skills and effective communication techniques. 

The Relationship Repair Game is the ultimate hand-held relationship coach; a collection of the most successful relationship advice and conflict resolution techniques used by professional Mediators, Counselors, and Therapists.

A 78 card-deck, each card with:

  • Specific, practical skills to heal, transform and resolve relationship conflict.

  • Stirring original artwork to inspire self-reflection and innate wisdom.

Includes a 32 page instruction booklet.

Watch the brief video description.

Explore the multiple ways to use this card deck as a relationship coach,
by yourself or in dialogue with others.


See and order color prints of some of the images from the card deck.


Find further resources and support to repair and improve relationship and grow your relationship skills.