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25 Conflict Resolution / Relationship Images (Beautiful Art)

See beautiful examples of conflict resolution and relationship images. The original artwork in the Relationship Help! Repair Game are metaphors for the practical skills they are illustrating, and provide guidance for your personal, inter-personal and spiritual growth.

The Art of The Relationship Repair Game

Images for healing, transforming and resolving relationship conflict.

The colored pencil art illustrations in this card deck were developed with the intention that the images by themselves are potent for inspiration, reflection and learning about the process of relationship. While each image is born from the essence of that specific card's relationship tool or awareness, the images are a much broader, metaphoric invitation for us to access our own intuition and wisdom...then to apply those insights in our lives.

Order color prints:  8"x12" $15 each
Order 3 prints for $36

Request art from cards not shown here, larger sizes, or 3 print special.

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