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More Conflict Management Resources

The best conflict management strategies and tips are woven through the Relationship Repair Game. This page provides additional resources for conflict resolution techniques and couples communication exercises.

Further resources of the Relationship Repair Game

For articles and discussions about creating healing and interdependence in relationships, subscribe to our Relationship Advice Blog at the bottom of this page. The counseling and conflict management approaches that inspired many of the deck's tools can be found on the bottom of the Relationship Skills page.

Additional Resources for Conflict Management and Relationship Advice

Group Works - Check out this card deck for maximizing productivity, purpose and synergy of group meetings.

Thomas-Kilman Instrument: A tool for assessing, understanding and working with different conflict-handling styles.

Professional Affiliates: Relationship Repair Professionals

The following professionals have sample cards from the Relationship Repair Game or utilize the art or tools from the game in their professional practice:

Colorado Springs, CO: Dana Avey, LMFT, Fulfillment Counseling & Life Coaching LLC -  Individuals and Couples (Adults)

Eugene, OR: Monica J Olsen, LMFT, Couple and Relationship Specialist

Forest Grove, OR: Kathy Hardie-Williams, M.Ed MS NCC LPC LMFT, Family Institute P. C. - Relationship counseling for individuals, couples, adolescents, and families.

UK: Frilford, Abingdon, Oxon, Abingdon Family Mediation - Family Mediation

LAGOS: (Ipaja) - Juliana Jonathon, Love, Life, Relationship and Health and Heart2Heart blog.