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Professional Affiliate Program (Relationship Repair Game)

Are you a relationship repair professional? Check out our Affiliate Program. The images and skills in this toolkit are ideal for professional counselors to use during session, and as a resource for clients to continue developing their relationship skills and self-awareness between sessions.

Are you a professional therapist, counselor, social worker or mediator?

The practical tips and tools from the card deck are ideal for and supporting your client's skill development and ongoing growth between sessions. You can also use the rich, metaphorical images to help your clients quickly enter their body, emotions and intuition at the beginning, or sparking deep reflection and awareness during a therapeutic session. For more guidance, see the article on art therapy activities and interventions.

Join our Affiliate Program!

  • Support clients with tools to manage and resolve relationship challenges at home, and distinguish yourself as a resource in your area.

  • Receive passive revenue of 15% on referral purchases made from your website click-throughs.

  • Receive one free sample deck for the cost of shipping and handling ($10).

Our mutually beneficial affiliate program can earn you passive $ from your own website, allows your community to more easily access the skills and tools from the Relationship Repair Game, and promotes your private practice or organization.  Your part is simple: 

1.   Complete and submit the form below, we will respond to you within two weeks. 
2.  Once approved, establish a link on your business or organizational website, identifying The Relationship Repair Game as a client resource. 
3.  (Optional) Provide samples of our three free sample cards and/or a deck for clients to look through.

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What we provide to our Affiliates

Once we accept your affiliate form (see left), we will:

  1. List your business or organization website and specialty on our resource page, and send instructions for you to do the same.

  2. Track the amount of sales that originate from the referral link on your website, and send you a check for 15% of the sales 2 x per year if over $50 each, 1 x per year otherwise.

  3. Send you a coupon code if you would like to order one card deck for the cost of shipping/handling ($10 US).

  4. If requested, provide you with free samples of three of the cards in the deck for you to share with your clients and community.

  5. You may discontinue being an affiliate at any time.

Privacy Notice: Your information will not be shared with anybody. 


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